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God is the first creator. And God is even now
enacting new creation. The Genesis Project sees itself
as a participant in God’s creative work.

We articulate our identity, our hopes for the community we desire to be, with a prayer that God would make it so.

Genuine Friendship

God’s very essence is community (Father, Son and Spirit); and through Christ, God gathers us into friendships that restore us into joy and life. What we have to offer is an invitation into the community God has formed among us. We do not know what God will do in your heart, but we can offer you what God is doing in ours.

Tenacious Love

We are committed to seeking and working toward God’s best for others. We long to be truth-tellers, to speak honestly, directly and boldly. We want to I am deeply convinced that the Christian leader of the future is called to be completely irrelevant and to stand in this world with nothing to offer but his or her own vulnerable self.– Henri Nouwenencourage with grace and patience. The way we love one another, in generous relationship, is not a means to some other end; rather, this life of love is the end. This is God’s posture toward us, and we want to give the same to others.

God-shaped Identity

God is the prime actor. God loves. God tells us the truth. God longs to heal. Our life is simply a response, a prayer. Jesus is King, and Jesus is Lord. Our story finds meaning in God’s story. Our identity is not found in other’s approval or our own striving. God’s unrelenting love is our hope.

Restful Transformation

We believe in people. God is at work, not us. The Holy Spirit pursues us, and the Holy Spirit transforms us. Our part is to listen, to pray, to cry and laugh. Our part is to obey. There is a wide space in our circle. We have no need to prod or push. We have no agenda for where another needs to be. There are no hoops to jump, no secret language to learn. God calls us into true rest, and (unfortunately) too many methods intended to help us follow Jesus do not exhibit Jesus’ promise that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Our experience is that few environments encourage the life of God in us more than a circle of friends who believe in us unconditionally and who, in spite of our many flaws, love us toward God.

Joyful Beauty

We love every kind of beauty. Fine food. Good wine. Rich poetry. Art. Mountains. Sunsets. Table fellowship. Laughter. Every beauty is a sign of God’s Kingdom, and we want to celebrate each one. We believe there is much to delight in this world, and delight is a discipline we take seriously.