a circle of friends nurturing communities of friendship for pastors, writers, and other pilgrims

The Genesis Project

Death & Resurrection

In 2001, Summit Community Church (formerly Arvada Grace Fellowship) in Westminster, CO, made the hard, courageous decision to bring her life as a church to a close. Through death, this faithful community participated in resurrection as they gifted their assets to start a non-profit, The Genesis Project, that would seed new life in a myriad of ways.

Our first decade, we partnered with the formation of new churches in Colorado, Iowa, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Recognizing the need for spiritual friendship and soul care for pastors and for Christians working in numerous vocations, we shifted our efforts to nurture slow, purposeful spaces to foster sustained faithfulness and creativity. Our current efforts focus on supporting those who are soul-weary through soul care, friendship, and retreats.

green leafed plant in glass jar
green leafed plant in glass jar